Portable Anion Air Purifier Neck Hanging Wearable Mini Negative Ion Air Purifier Necklace

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  • Purify the Air: This air purifier can effectively isolate and decompose airborne dust, tobacco odor, second-hand smoke particles and pollen powder blocks, and other harmful substances
  • Working Principle: This air purifier produces negative ions to adhere to the particles in the air, making them become larger and heavier, accelerating them to the ground, so you can enjoy refresh and clean air at any time
  • Necklace Design: This air purifier is small in size and super lightweight with fashionable appearance, very suitable for children, students, elderly and other people
  • Ultra Quiet: This air purifier's working volume is ultra low, completely silent, won't disturb you at all when you work or rest
  • Long Battery Life: This air purifier can be used for a long time after being fully charged
  • One Button Operation: Simple and convenient to use, one button operation


  • Material: ABS
  • Battery capacity: 280mAh
  • Input voltage: DC5V-0.1W
  • Output vlotage: 3KV

Package included:

  • 1 x Air Purifier

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