JYS 3-in-1 Dual Charge Regulator Base Charger for Xbox One / Xbox One S

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  • The charging mode is the pulse DC charge, the battery can be filled more completely and the temperature increase is lower, the DC5v-500mah input charging base of double charge handle output at 5v-400mah alone handle is 5v-350mah, there are three sets of indicator lights on the seat, one for the logo indicator and the other two to charge the indicator light. Full of bright white light. This controller charging station works for Xbox One / One S / One X controllers

  • When you're not playing, simply put the Xbox One controller equipped in the charging station and it will start charging automatically without removing the battery. The green LED will flash when the controller is charging and stays on to indicate that the charge is complete. When the seat is full of two handles: After connecting the USB power cable, the seat fill self-test will automatically enter the charging mode

  • The corresponding charge indicator light will be light, and the logo will be bright and white. The current is less than 400mA when the double handle is charged. When a handle is placed In the charger: Connect the USB power cable, after finishing the seat charger automatically self-testing in charging mode, the corresponding charging indicator light, white light logo, another non-current charging indicator single handle load at 350mA

  • Abnormal light number in charge: charging in abnormal lights, flashing green light, flashing logo lights, there are currently two possible ones, a temperature test contact not good contact or battery did not obtain minimum resistance, 2 battery temperature more beyond the value 64 degrees, it leads to the system detection alarm, turns off the charging current

  • When the seat is placed without ASA: when the USB power cable is connected, the two sets of charging indicators illuminate the light for 0.5 seconds, turning towards the white light; the logo lamp illuminates the white light bulb half a second to turn off, in standby mode, standby current 5mAh 


  • 1. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and charge the battery, because once removed, the battery is easy to reverse in the direction, causing internal high current discharge to burn the power device.

  • 2. It is forbidden to short-circuit the temperature-sensitive resistance or use a general resistance. This can fool the system detection, but once the battery is hot, the internal gas will explode and explode, which will have serious consequences.

Package included:

  • 1 x Dual Conductive Charging Station

  • 2 x 600mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs

  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

  • Other items not included

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