26 PCS Padlock Locksmith Training Initial Exercise Kit Lock Unlocking Tool

SKU: 231401627A

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  • This is an improved new design pickaxe group. It is more flexible, durable and easy to use

  • Starting with this lockout trainer, watch yourself start to easily unlock the regular locks

  • This Lockpick suite includes exercise locks, so you can gain more experience and improve your abilities

  • It has a transparent cut, and you can see all the action the pin does and what actually triggers it

  • Locks can be used for real locks and padlocks, so you can increase this hobby in a short time from amateurs to professionals

  • Very suitable for locksmiths, Locksport enthusiasts or mechanically curious people


  • Model: KS10

  • Product Name: Lock pick tool kit

  • Material: Metal

  • Lock size: 80mm x 50.4mm

Package included:

  • 24 x Locksmith Exercise Kit

  • 1 x Transparent Padlock

  • 2 x Keys

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