WL Multi-Function Comprehension Tester V6

SKU: 661600300A

Sale priceRs. 8,706.00


  • LCD screen light sensor and vibration repair, and data read-write backup restoring programmer, the photosensitive data can be read and written on LCD screen with this programmer, which can backup to the computer. As you have the data, it can be used even if the LCD screen is lost or replaced

  • Three operation modes like touch screen operation, stand-alone keys operation and online PC operation, meet different needs in different environments

  • Multiple power supply modes: power supply, battery supply, power bank supply and computer supply

  • Intelligent recognize extended module, automatically access to the operating system

  • Multi-function in small size, easy to operate

Package included:

  • 1 x Multi-Function Comprehension Tester

  • 1 x Data Cable

  • Other items not included

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