Suitable for GoPro 9/Osmo Action Sticking Fixed Base

SKU: 683800135A

Sale priceRs. 378.00


  • The rubber bottom adopts double-sided tape, which is strong and durable

  • The bottom is divided into flat and arc, which can be applied to flat and arc-shaped objects

  • Strong compatibility and a wide range of applications. The GOPRO 9 sports camera can be fixed on motorcycle helmets, automobiles and other objects


  • Material: ABS 

  • Applicable models: for GOPRO 9 

  • Color: Black 

  • Net weight: 59.2g 

  • Product size: 3.5*4.6cm (flat base), 4*5cm (curved base), 3.3*5.2cm (J-shaped base), 5.5*1.5cm (long screw) 

Package included:

  • 2 x Flat Base

  • 2 x Curved Base

  • 4 x Glue

  • 1 x J-shaped Base

  • 1 x Long Screw

  • Other items not included

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