SOLIKETECH 6000W Pure Sine Wave Car Power Inverter Multiple Protection DC to AC 220V with LED Display

SKU: 670300026A

Product Attribiutes: DC 12V to AC 220V
Sale priceRs. 8,041.00


  • High-definition display screen: Basically, the working status and various working parameters of the inverter can be intuitively understood in real-time on the display screen. Such as input voltage, output voltage, output frequency, battery power, load, etc
  • Fault prompt function: In addition to different voice prompts, it is more intuitively displayed from the display screen. For example, battery under voltage, battery overvoltage, heavy load, high operating temperature, output short circuit, etc
  • The product has added an overload delay automatic shutdown function to solve the sensitive problem of inverter protection when soluble electrical appliances are started, for example, a user cannot carry a 50W LED light with a 300W traditional inverter, or cannot carry a laptop with a 500W inverter
  • The low-power non-professional user market has added the protection function of positive and negative connections. It solves the problem of a return caused by the user's artificial connection of wrong wires and burns out the inverter and solves your after-sales worries
  • When the inverter is working, it will only work when it reaches a certain temperature, which is more energy-saving and quieter
  • Digital MCU control is precise, accurate, fast and intelligent. The output waveform, frequency and output voltage are accurate, and the protection circuit responds quickly


  • Actual power: 1000W
  • Peak power: 2000W
  • Marked power: 6000W
  • Input voltage range: 12V: 9.5V-15.5V; 24V: 19.5V-30V; 48V: 39V-50V; 60V: 53V-72.5V
  • Input low voltage alarm parameters: 12V: ≤10.2V; 24V: ≤21V; 48V: ≤43.2V; 60V: ≤54V
  • Output voltage: 220V
  • Output voltage range: 220V±10%
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Inverse efficiency: 93%
  • Circuit topology: push-pull
  • Function parameters: current limit / hard and soft start / input reverse connection protection / short circuit protection / input high and low voltage protection / low voltage alarm / over temperature protection / overload protection / power temperature control fan (Note: the actual power above 1500W has no input reverse connection protection)
  • Working environment humidity conditions: dry
  • Fan type: Seal oil
  • Protection automatic recovery: manual
  • Input terminal wiring method: terminal
  • Output interface: international universal socket
  • Chassis material: aluminum shell

Package included:

  • 1 x Pure Sine Wave Car Power Inverter

  • 1 Pair x Battery Clip Cable (12V/24V)

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