Motorcycle Rear View Mirror 180 Degree Blind Spot Mirror Wide Angle Rearview Mirror for Bike Scooter

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  • It is a parabolic mirror mounted on the front center of the motorcycle/scooter, within the front line of sight of the rider
  • Since its fitting position is in front of the rider's line of sight, when potential danger enters the blind spot area, it makes the rider more obvious, compared with the wide-angle blind spot mirror installed on the side
  • In addition, this central mounting position allows you to check blind spots without having to look away from you. When you glance at it, everything in front of you remains in your aftermath
  • The continuous horizontal curve provides the rider with 180 degrees of horizontal coverage, and the visible angle is wider
  • The vertical curve provides a fantastic view. Even if the bicycle leans to a curve, it can keep the road, traffic, and rider in the picture
  • Due to these curves, sunlight reflection is not a problem, and it will never hinder the rider's riding, nor will it hinder visibility


  • Suitable for most motorcycles, sports bikes, street bikes, scooters.
  • It can only be installed on the windshield.

Package included:

  • 1 x Motorcycle Rear View Mirror

  • Other items not included

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