2Pcs Mini Rechargeable BT 5.0 Hearing Device Ear Back Type Digital Ear Sound Amplifier with Memory Function

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  • This BT Hearing amplifier is designed for old people or people with hearing problems, suitable for those people who were hearing loss or patients 
  • With BT 5.0 function, the BT will automatically link when the hearing device boot-up, your mobile phone can link with the hearing device through BT
  • Middle-power output with low distortion, adaptive feedback cancellation, layered noise reduction, listen is more clearly
  • Equipped with BT mode and hearing device mode, intelligent switch
  • With memory function and low battery warning indicator
  • Volumes rolling adjustment, you can adjust the volumes to fit your own needs and preferences
  • Soft silicone material, will not harm your ear, and also ensure stability and lasting
  • Ergonomic design ear-canal simulator, will not feel pain even after long time wearing
  • Suitable for more occasions easy to use, such as watching TV, music movies, phone call, talking with friends
  • Two kinds of specifications are available, you can choose 1pcs or 2pcs according to your demands


  • Name: Hearing Device
  • Model: BX-130BT
  • Material: plastic + silicone
  • Type: 1Pc, 2Pcs (Optional)
  • Battery(1Pc):
  • Hearing device: 1 x lithium battery, 1.2V, 45mAh (included)
  • Recharging box: 1 x lithium battery, 1.2V, 600mAh (included)
  • Battery(2Pcs):
  • Hearing device: 2 x lithium battery, 1.2V, 45mAh (included)
  • Recharging box: 1 x lithium battery, 1.2V, 600mAh (included)
  • OSPL90: Max ≤126±3dB
  • OSPL90 HFA: ≤107±4dB
  • Max gains: (dB)≤39
  • FOG50 HFA: ≤30±3dB
  • Total harmonic-wave distortion: ≤3%
  • Frequency ranges: F1≤500Hz; F2≥3500Hz
  • Input noise: ≤32dB

Package included:

  • 1 x Hearing Device (or 2 x Hearing Device)

  • 3 x Earplug (or 6 x Earplug)

  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x Recharging Bag

  • 1 x User Manual

  • Other items not included

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