2Pcs Gardening Tools Hoe Sharp Garden Edger Weeder Shovel Weed Puller for Weeding Farm Planting

SKU: C0011692A

Sale priceRs. 1,526.00


  • Gardening Hoe: Special hollow design, is used for daily gardening work, such as weeding, loosening soil, growing vegetables, etc.

  • High-Quality Material: High-quality steel, durable. The surface is smooth and it does not stick to soil

  • Easy to Use: This handmade hoe is very sharp. Just pull it back for quick weeding. Easy to use and not tired to hold

  • Widely used: Household rake for weeding, weeding, weeding, weeding, cultivated land, seeds, shavings, etc.


  • Material: iron + alloy steel

  • Overall length: 30cm

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